Beheaded Christians

by Gina Franklin

This morning I was online and read an article that left me convicted. I wanted to share it with the few of you that read my blog.

"If we Jews started beheading 30-40 thousand Muslims in Israel... what would the world say? YET... the Islamists do exactly that to Christians in Iraq for no reason at all other than they are Christians and the world is silent. Why is the Christian world silent? Why are there no marches? Why are the churches silent? Why is there no outrage? Obama says nothing instead he worries that Israel is too aggressive. The leaders in Europe say nothing. The UN says nothing except to blame Israel for anything and everything. What are you doing to save these innocent Christians?" Pro Israel. Pro Peace.

My heart is so heavy for those who I call my brothers and sisters in Christ that are being martyred for their faith. I know that it is easy to think that this will not happen on our soil; but what if it does? What if this was your children, your grandchildren? Your neighbor's, the kids in your city? We keep going on with our lives as if this tragedy is not happening just on the other side of the World. As you and I post our food pictures, and go shopping, as we surf facebook, tweet, post on instagram, eat out; there are parents watching their children murdered before their eyes, simply because they love Christ. Are we okay with this? If not, what are we going to do about it?

You may not believe in Jesus, but I implore you to take a stand against this evil. Take a stand for those who can stand for themselves. Call your congress and put the pressure on to get involved. We cannot allow the next Holocaust to happen while we parade around and enjoy social media.