Sparkling Nuggets Of Reality!

by Gina Franklin

If you are close to me at all; you know that I am driven. I love the sense of accomplishment when I put my prayers, energy, focus, and time towards a task or job; and I get to see it successfully completed. I love to build teams and work on something collectively and watch as the team surprises themselves. It is very fulfilling and rewarding to me. If you know me at all; you also know that I like a plan. Things thrown at me, that I am not prepared for are difficult for me to adapt too. (Not that I don't need to continually push myself to deal with those situations.) Even when it comes to what God wants from me-I want a plan. I want to feel like I can predict what is ahead. I know that those of you who really know God; well I'll just say, stop giggling at me. I know these are very unreal expectations. Because I am a doer, and I am a getter done kinda girl, plus waiting is not my strong suit; God very rarely lets me see beyond the now.  I can count on one hand how many times I have heard God share with me the full picture of a drawn out plan. It is almost always revealed to me, in partial details and specific steps of obedience.

So this morning as I read my devotions, I was challenged and encouraged to trust and to dream. Beth Moore says, *"In our human need for security of sameness, we tend to want one job assignment from God that we can do for the rest of our lives. But He's far more creative than that. You may ask, 'Isn't it possible for God to assign a lifelong task such as preaching at one church for 40 years?' Absolutely! But we are wise not to make assumptions by surrendering to the assignment! Our calling is to surrender to God. Think of the pitfalls we could avoid if we were more abandoned to God than to a particular kind of service."

1 John 3:2

"Dear friends, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet been revealed."

I think for me, it all boils down to the simple truth, that I don;t need to be in control- I just need to trust and obey God's leading. When I really live this out, there is a joy and peace knowing that the details will be revealed to me on a need to know basis. There really is a great relief in true surrender.

Life Is Beautiful!

*Jesus Day By Day- Beth Moore