I want to be more than "real"; I desire to be authentic.

by Gina Franklin

I am reading Fight Like A Girl, Lisa Bevere; chapter 12 resonated deeply with my own personal reflections. This blog will comprise Lisa's writing and my own responses to her book. It's too profound not to share.

Lisa writes that often after speaking at a conference women will approach her and thank her for being real. This is something said to me many times over the years after ministering publicly. Here is what she writes in her book, "Now mind you, I realize all these phrases are meant to be complimentary. But sometimes I find myself wishing for something more.... (skipping down) While flying home from a speaking engagement I was again reflecting on this whole idea of 'real,' and I sensed the Spirit speaking."

Lisa, I am looking for something more. You can be a real piece of wood and when you go into the fire you'll come out a real pile of ashes. I am looking for more than real in you; I want you to be authentic.

I realized from this that something can be real without being authentic. A copy of a Monet is real, but it is not an authentic Monet."

I had to take a moment to pause and process this. I am a lover of quality. Quality relationships, quality investment of my time, effort, and investments. And quality products. If I were to walk into a store and choose items of clothing or furniture, without viewing the labels or price tags; what I would choose would have high value. My preferences lean toward the authentic, and those have a high monetary value placed on them.

As this pertains to our walk with Jesus, it must go beyond real to authentic. My faith must go so deep I am more than polished on the outside, saying the right things. But rather when my life hits the fire, and it is tested, what comes out is like gold refined, or a precious stone created; not a pile of ash because what was "real" was not authentic. Lisa finishes this paragraph by asking these three questions:

~Where is the authentic change?

~Where is the genuine character?

~Where is the power?

She closes chapter 12 with a prayer I want to post on here for those of you who might dare to move deeper into the authentic.

"Heavenly Father,

I come to you in the name of Jesus. I want to be a diamond, not CZ. I want to be flawed but authentic. I want to walk this life consistently in all settings. Father, forgive me for the times I was real or just real carnal. When I lashed out at those who hurt or maligned me. I choose to bless those who curse me  and to do good to those who've used or abused me. Amen

Life Is Beautiful!