"Women are the problem..."

by Gina Franklin

Okay, so if you read my last post you might already know where I am going with this blog; if not hold on before you get your panties in a bundle. Let me start out by saying that I spent many years of my life thinking, women were the problem.... I was sick of feeling like women were untrustworthy, backstabbing, judgmental, critical, and competitive. As I have grown in age and maturity; I have gained some wisdom. I realized, what you look for in life is what you find, so when I am centered on seeing those behaviors in surrounding women I will find them. And when I am intentional to look for opposite behaviors in women, I find those who live out those behaviors. What you look for is what you will find.

 I believed a lie: That "women are a problem."

In her book Fight Like A Girl, Lisa Bevere addresses this topic. I am going to quote quite a bit from her pages; bear with me as it is too good not too.  "Notice I did not say women can cause problems, because surely they can, but women are a problem. It is one thing to be a catalyst, but quite another for something negative to be inherent to or associated with your gender. Thankfully, over the years I have discovered that for every lie, there is an overriding truth: Women are not a problem...They are an answer.  ~You are an answer! I am not speaking to your past; I am speaking to your future. If you believe you are an answer, you will approach life and relationships in an entirely different manner than if you believe you are a problem. Problems are negative, critical, and judgmental. But solutions sound and feel very different. They are positive, hopeful, and life-giving in their wisdom. If you believe you are a problem sooner or later you will begin to act like one. Likewise, if you believe you are not intrinsically a problem but a solution, you will begin to act like one."

Can you see the richness of this truth sinking into your heart? Are you being set free from some lies that keeping you from knowing and loving women? Have you struggled to be real and authentic because you struggled to accept you are a solution? As I finish this blog my heart is light, my smile is big, and my coffee cup is full.

Life Is Beautiful!