My Ahh-ha Moment

by Gina Franklin

Forgiveness! I am using an exclamation point; because this word, action, or gift, is one of the hardest things to live out. Let's be real, certain betrayals are easy to forgive, while others are not. In my own experience, it can take months, years, even life times to truly let go and forgive. You must have gathered by now that I am not referring to simply say the words, "I forgive you" but rather completely releasing the offender of any wrong, of owing you anything.

I Matt. 26:47-50, we see one of the greatest examples of forgiveness. Jesus had already predicted the betrayal. He knew that Judas had kissed him, in order to betray him. The intimate act of a kiss, and it was a betrayal. I am a person that easily places my self with in a story and I can easily imagine what my reaction to that kiss would be, and I can assure you it would not have been to call Judas, friend.

Rita Springer, in her book finding Eve; writes this:

"Jesus cannot be anyone's son other God's, because what he saw in Gethsemane was not a man betraying Him but a friend whom He had lost to sin." When I read these words, it literally broke something in my heart. I know that I do not live that out. I know that when someone hurts me, I see the betrayal. I am humbled by this; my desire is to live my life like Christ did. And I see today that I have some prayer work to do and some repentance to make. Like Rita also says elsewhere in her forgiveness chapter, it does not matter whether others think well of me or if I get my point across; what matters is that I obey God in everything.

I hope that as you read this, it has encouraged you to move into the realm of freedom. To forgive is not forget, or to say what the offender has done was okay; rather it is an act of faith, that God is big enough to handle the correction in your life and the lives of others. You will feel free and at peace when you can stop holding on to the wrongs done to you in your life.