Who Do You Think You Are? (Part 2)

by Gina Franklin


I really believe that part of the reason as people, we are unable to really live out Biblical truths is because we lack the how. So often we are told what is sin, and that God has called us to Him, that He and only He can save us, and that once we get "saved" we are free. But, here's the deal we can point out sin all we want, but  if we do not tell people how to get free from it, we are wasting our time and theirs. For years I struggled with the disease of anorexia, as I grew into a woman, a pastor's wife, and a pastor myself; I learned to control the starvation portion of the disease. But, I was far from free, its grasp was so deeply ingrained into my mind, I felt like it was just a part of who I was. I would go to the altar and pray, time after time, and then as I stood up it went right out the door with me.  Every time I looked into a mirror, it was there; every time I looked at food or went to the store, it was there; And I was painfully obsessed with exercise. I began to believe that I would never know freedom from my monster. It was one day that I was speaking with a young woman about her battle with anorexia that my words began to minister to my own spirit. The word of God rang so clearly to the depths of my own soul; I was set free in that moment. Up until that point, I had not really wanted total freedom from my monster, my sin; because I was afraid of what would happen if it was gone. It was all I knew, and who would I be if that dominant part of me was gone?

And so it is with all of us. One of the main reasons you and I cannot really dare to be the real us, is fear. You and I know better than anyone else what our personal weaknesses are. And if people get too close, if I let them see the real me; they won't like what they see. We learn to live out of fear in our relationship with God, and with people. So many people settle into a mundane life, because they are afraid that if they try they will fail, make a mistake, people will leave, hurt will surely to come. And quite honestly, these fears become barriers that make it difficult to answer the question of, "Who am I?" Talk about identity issues.

We all have identity issues. That is not the question; the question is, how much of it you and I do. It is one of life's greatest challenges to live without the mask. Through our sense of inadequacy and our insecurity; we believe that we are not free to live without hiding the whole us. We show people pieces of who we are, and in the process we lose our true identity.

And we also blame our problems and our insecurities on others, so that we can justify the mediocre life we have chosen. I get that, I may not know what you have gone through. I did not grow up in your home, I have not walked one step in your shoes; but it's still your choice. You have one life to live, no one can do that for you. People can only have as much power in your life and your future as you allow them to have. Will you be a victim or a victor. I for one will not fall prey to live life as a victim. I want to love my life, not just live it. But, I have learned the hard way, that we will not love life  from behind the mask. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Let me key you in on something, no matter what people look like on the outside, how much money the do or do not have, whether they come from a broken home or not; every person has issues, and we are all screwed up to some degree. It's why you and I need a Savior~JESUS! Invite people into your journey, let them watch God work through you, as He is working on you. It will inspire people to be vulnerable, right beside you. Life is meant to be lived with the peddle to the floor. It can be exciting, and filled with great joy and laughter. Yes, I know better than most that pain comes, hardships touch us all, and people can hurt us deeply. But, that is not enough of a reason to  justify missing out on all the good in life. But, like I said before, it's your life and you must choose how you will live it.

Life is beautiful!!!!!!