Self Centered or God Centered

by Gina Franklin


"Your outlook will determine your outcome." Unknown Author   Here's the thing if you do not like or love your life; it may be that your outlook is set to be an inward focus. It is absolutely human nature to be self-centered and to focus on how you feel; but it is not  God-natured to do so. You and I must choose which nature we will live by. Unfortunately it's easier to go with human nature over God-nature, every time. "When I am tired, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, my focus quickly turns inward. I begin to think about what I don't have and who has not been coming through for me. I begin to focus on prayers that have not been answered and relationships that are troubling. My mind unconsciously drifts to what I don't like about my circumstances, wishing things were better, and I quickly lose perspective. My inward focus usually launches a mini-pity party for me. Where I whine, complain, and grumble to God and to a few close friends, (And to all the world on face-book). 'Life's not fair, and the future seems beyond what I can endure.' I'm sure everyone goes through this in life. But an inward focus over a long period of time can produce discouragement and depression. An inward focus will gradually lead to bad theology and a set of unrealistic expectations that make us the kind of people who give up on God, ourselves, and others.

God demands more that authenticity and purity. He demands more than devotion and humility. And even more than diligence and enthusiasm as we serve and seek God in our relationship with others. Authentic community demands an upward and outward focus." Living on The Edge~ Chip Ingram

Calling all believers in Christ! People it's time that you and I start living and creating the type of environment that does not exist in the present world. We are to be a living community that is saturated and founded through and in the love of Christ. It is to be a place like none other. We are to be outward focused, not as a way to manipulate God to do what we want him to do; but to serve, sacrifice, and love; because He first loved us. Real love is when the real me shows up to meet a real need, at the right time. It is giving another person what they need the most when they deserve it the least at great personal cost. It will be impossible to live this out on our own. It comes through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives that makes this even possible. You will only be able to live this out, when you get into the Word, spend time in prayer, and stretch beyond how you feel and begin to live what Gods Word says is right. Challenging, I know, but well worth it in the end.

Life is beautiful!