Learning A New Language

by Gina Franklin


I am challenged this day to become fluent in a new language. It's the language of God, and it is called LOVE! You might be wondering why I say learn this NEW language? Here is the deal, as a child I lived in Germany, I spoke both German and English; but over the years all I can remember is a few words. And even though I can say a few words, and maybe a few sentences; I would be a liar to say that I can speak German. You and I can say a few things from the language of love, and we might even know a few phrases; but the question is, are we fluent? Jesus was fluent. He came and celebrated with peoples celebrations, he fed the hungry, he healed the broken and even those who sought to hurt him, and he even went as far to offer forgiveness to the very ones who tortured him and hung him on the cross. If this is the definition of what speaking this language is, I have not even gotten through the beginning stages of learning it. How about you? Sure we have all loved like this; when it comes to the people we love. But have we loved like this to the people we don't get along with, mesh with, the ones who make our life difficult?

This is the place that the rubber hits the road. It's not our words that are going to turn people to Jesus. It's our actions; it's treating people in a way they do not deserve. Hard? Absolutely! Wholehearted identification with unbelievers is a visible manifestation of the mercy and grace of God. Wholehearted means with every part of our heart.  OUCH, until I love like this, I'm not really speaking love. So with a humbled heart, this day I am asking God to help me to love others, not just those I feel loved by, the way He does. My goal is to finish my life fluent in the language of God. Will you join me?

Life is Beautiful!