Happy Birthday to Me

by Gina Franklin


Today is the last day of my life that I will be 34; holy cow, where has the time gone? As I think about all the things I have accomplished and have still yet to accomplish; one thing sticks out in my mind, today I am certain of who I am. So much of my adult life and all of my childhood I struggled to accept who I am, to like who I am, to thrive in my strengths; instead of always trying to be someone I'm not. As a teen and a young woman I would see all these other ladies who looked (in my opinion) better than me, had better personality traits than I had, stronger gifts..... I can't say how the Lord did it; but about three years ago the Holy Spirit began to set me free from this sin. I am who He says I am.

It is when I place the little that I have, within me in; His mighty hands my life has power, significance, and it makes an impact. Do I have dreams that are yet to be fulfilled; YES. The day that is not the case will be the day I am buried. But I am so much more in Christ than I ever knew was possible. He is my strength, my hope, my supply. HE brings the right people into my life at the right times. He leads me to scriptures that is life-giving and life changing right when I need them. He loves me in my success and my failures. He knows what is within me even when I do not. I choose to live for and with Christ; because without Him I would still be broken, lost, and empty. Is my life perfect, no because I am weak and I fail and sin. But, He is more than enough to work with all that I lay at His feet.

Simply said, I love the Lord. Thank you, God for 34 years of life, of transformation, of love; I am blessed.

Life is Beautiful!