Face to Face

by Gina Franklin


When I think about who God has used the most in the Bible to teach me; hands down to date it has been the life of Moses. I could not tell you why out of all of the historical accounts of the many lives of mighty men and women in the Bible God would choose Moses over and over again; but He has. Moses was known as a friend of God. In Psalm 103:6 the Bible says, that God "made His ways known to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel." This statement leaves room for pause, has God made His ways known to me? Or has he made his deeds known to me? Or both?

Carolyn Tennant writes in her devotional Front Line, " When folks want to have God do things for them, then He shows himself through his deeds. Israel saw many amazing works of the Lord. He parted the Red Sea, turned back the Egyptian army, provided them with fresh food everyday in the desert, and brought water out of the rock. Israel came to know the mighty deeds of their great God. Moses however, was shown something else. To him was revealed the ways of God. He came to understand not just what God would give them. He did not simply seek God's hands but rather his face. He met with God face to face (Exodus 33:11) and saw not only what he was doing but WHY he was doing it. He came to understand how the Lord thought and the way He did things."

I am forced to evaluate how I approach my walk with God, do I seek to have Gods ways revealed to me?  Or am I most consumed with what I want, expect, and even demand from Him? God how do you see me? Am I living as an Israelite or a Moses?

Truly I strive to know God, I want to be compelled by Him. I want to see Him as my everything. I desire to serve and love others as he does. I long for those face to face encounters with Him, not to get something from Him other than to know His heart fully. I am under construction as we all are. There are days when I feel like I have spiritual wings soaring on the mountain tops with God; and there are a lot of days when my intentions are great, but the end result is a humbling face plant in the ground; sometimes with witnesses and other times between God and myself. I pray these personal thoughts are as challenging to you as they are to me.

Life is Beautiful!!!