Face-book Woes

by Gina Franklin


This morning while I was still half asleep I noticed a shared post that is being passed around the internet. It immediately got me riled. It was an article that was supposedly run in a news paper out of Colorado, the article was about pedophiles seeking the same rights as homosexuals. Now, there are so many heated debates and arguments. A lot of people have strong opinions regarding how they feel on these subjects. I normally feel that a social media post regarding my own opinion on these topics is not a wise choice.

But, let me just say that when it comes to the safety of our children I will not be silent EVER! So I got on the internet and began to read. Searching to see if this was a fabricated site to get people riled up; or if it was fact. I want to be very clear on this; I am still not certain that it is a fake website, but I believe that this is not a real site or article. If this is true, that someone would choose to create a fake article, and or web-page to rile people and add fuel to the fire; I am disturbed.

I read through several responses from conservative Christians that were alarming to me. And I read through responses from opposing liberals that were disturbing. Please, hear me on this. We have got to be able to speak without violence and hate in our words. If you believe different from I do; that does not automatically make you my enemy. I can listen to what you have to say, but by slinging insults will only build the divide between us higher. I cannot change how everyone acts or speaks, only myself. My reactions and responses are a true reflection of who I am. I believe the Word of God is truth all of it. But, if you do not that does not mean that I will turn my back on you, or that I do not see value in who you are. If you never chose to love and accept Christ, I would still treat you with love, kindness, and respect. That does not mean that I will not stand firm on what I embrace as truth. I will not water down the Word of God for anyone, and I will not change my beliefs because they are offensive. But, I am a firm believer that I will give an account for how I lived, the choices I make, and the way that I treated and responded to those around me.

Whether, you feel strongly that the Bible is truth, or you think it is an irrelevant book that has no truth in it; we have to live in this world together. We must see value in each other. As a Christ follower, I believe every person who walks this earth in past, present, and in future has the value of Jesus Christ's life on them. I ask that God will help me see people through His perspective and not my own. He said, we were worth everything, I will choose to treat all people with that value placed on them. It is easy to love people who think like you and identify with your beliefs. Because they help us feel like we are right. But, the greatest challenge is to love  people right where they are at. I do not claim to have all the answers, and some the hard questions stump me. My heart breaks for those who feel pain, rejection, and that they must fight to be right.  But in the end, I want to live my life for God, loving mankind, and making a difference in the lives of those around me.

I challenge you to research the things you read; before you share them on your facebook page. Sharing fake info only makes us look foolish, and fuels the great divide. I challenge you all to ask God to help you see how he feels about these issues. I can assure you He has an opinion, and His his opinion is the only one that matters.